Use of both serial ports


I need to develop a serial data converter, ie, capture data from a serial port, then process it and, finally, write to the other serial port (to dispatch it via SMS like service).

For that I need use the both serials at the same time. Is this possible with the ConnectCore 7U? I’m ready to buy a JumpStart Kit, but first I need to know if it can be used for my application.

Yes, but on the development board you have access to one of the serial ports through an RS232 (DB9 interface) serial port, and the other through a TTL header. The module itself has two available serial ports (see the hardware ref guide: Or the product brief:

Alternatively you can look at using the Connect EM as well as it has two serial ports. Please keep in mind though you only have tx and rx on the second serial port. The product brief is here: and the hardware ref guide here: