where is the second rs232


I have make a programme with the connectMe-c Jtag devellopement kit. I used the two serial port (the first for debugging with printf and the second with “open (”/com/1", O_RDWR)" ).
Now i must created electronic card in the documentation i can see juste one rs232 port… (pin 7 and 8)
where is the second? and how used it in my card

Hum, there is only one serial port on the DIGI Connect ME. If you need two, see the DIGI Connect EM.


right pevandenburie.
but why i can use two with devellopement kit!!

I can use juste one port but if i want to used the firs with open(“/com/0”,…) they are ans error (return -1). It because it used by debbugging? (how to used it with open(“/com/0”,…))

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Secondary Serial Port, P2
The Secondary Serial Port is a DB-9 male connector that is labeled as P2 on the
development board. The port is used only with the Digi Connect ME modules with JTAG
interfaces (in the development kit) for debugging purposes.

As Compie indicates, the second serial port is provided through the JTAG wing on the JTAG’d modules which you can’t buy in bulk and are meant for development purposes.