Use of remote manger

I would like to understand how to setup the remote manager to communicate with a network of XBEE modules, say in a digimesh setup. The DIGI remote manager is web base.

Looking on the website, do you use the DIGI XI15 to connect the PC handling the remote manager to communicate with the network of modules? In my case, XBEE DIGI mesh modules (2.4GHz)

Is there a different unit to use for the PC?

Also, the Remote Manager is working off the web page.
Is there a way to create a windows application, somehow working with the remote manager…ie an API, such that I would like to make a C# win application running on the PC, allowing communication between this app and the micropython apps running on the XBEE network modules?

I did see a 1000+ page doc on the XI15, and wanted to get pointed in the right direction before spending so much reading time if its not the right place to be.


The Non Cellular or WIFI XBee modules do not communicate directly with the Digi Remote manager service. You need to use some sort of Gateway device such as the IX15, XBee industrial Gateway, Connect Port X2 or similar device.

All of these gateways require the use of some sort of Python to make a connection from the XBee module found within the Gateway to the Digi Remote manager service. See

hi, thx for reply. without any python code added, are you saying the remote manager cant get any info from the modules? or it does but you would add code to get more funtionality? ie if the module had a temp sensor…code would be needed at the module and to the manager side to show a temp reading at the manager? is this correct?

Yes that is correct. Unless your Gateway’s firmware is written to forward the data back and forth directly, you would need to have a Python or some other app to perform the function.

ok…looking at possible gateways, i see this one,## XGI-20CZ7-E00-W0

is this one compatible with the 2.4ghz modules? does it work with 900mhz modules as well?
looks like it has wifi and xbee rf!


The IX15 comes with a 2.4 GHz XBee 3 or XBee S2C module. So it will work with either 802.15.4, Digi Mesh or Zigbee options of the XBee 3 and XBee S2C modules. It currently does not offer support for the 900 MHz versions of the XBee internally. Hopefully one of the new Gateways that are under development will support either the 900 MHz or 868 MHz products.