Connect Xbee Modules to Digi Remote Manager

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I’m currently doing a IOT Project using Xbee 3.0 modules, Digi Xbee Gateway and Digi Remote Manager.
I managed to add all the XBee devices and Xbee Gateway to the Digi Remote Manager. Also, the Xbee gateway successfully connected to the Digi Remote Manager.

However, I failed to connect the Xbee Devices to the remote manager. I tried the connection strategies suggested in the user manual (|Connect%2520and%2520disconnect%2520devices|_____1);
However, I failed to access the “Advanced Configuration”.

May I know is there any other solutions to connect the Xbees devices with the remote manager?

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This is the wrong part of the manual. You need to be looking at|_____0

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Hi Mvut,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

However, in order for me to enable the remote connection of Xbee modules in the remote manager, which settings that should I change?
Can you give me some suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

There are no settings on the XBee gateway or XBee S2C or XBee 3 modules to enable the remote manager. The XBee modules are loaded into the Remote manager via the discover function in the Gateway and populated under the XBee network tab.