Is it possible to effectively "integrate" a custom ZigBee device/module with remote manager?

I have a system that consists of a Digi Xbee Industrial Gateway and some end nodes. I have mixed end nodes, some are XBee S2C modules and others consist of a 2.4GHz module with a 3rd-party ZigBee stack. The Xbee modules integrate seamlessly with the gateway, as you would expect, but 3rd party modules don’t. With “integrate seamlessly” I mean that all the commands from the “Digi Remote Manager Programming Guide” work as described in the document.

The 3rd-party modules/stack don’t have issues since they connect and I can send and receive data, but for example, I can’t extract information using the “query_setting” RCI command, also, most importantly, their “xpStatus” takes forever to change when they connect or disconnect and I execute a “GET /ws/XbeeCore?condition=xpExtAddr=‘00:13:A2:00:00:00:00:00’” to check their statuses.

So my question is, is it possible to add something to my code using the 3rd party modules to make them integrate better with the remote manager?

M41490n, I believe this is something that would really require Digi to offer a library or something like it that could then be imported into the 3rd party device. This is something that you will really need to talk to your account manager over.

Well, I was wondering if this would be something somebody had experienced that could give me some tips, also for all others looking for something like this.

But you are right, I think I will have to talk with somebody directly.