user locking with RpSetRealmLocking() using AWS

Hi,I want to ensure, that only one user can access html pages, which belong to a certain realm. To achieve this I tried using RpSetRealmLocking(). The first time it works’s fine, when a second user tries to log in to a locked page, he get’s an error message at the browser. But, if he goes back to the last page and he tries it again, he will get access to the locked pages without entering any username/password, and the first user is logged off. This behaviour I could see with each browser I tested, so I’m sure that it’s a problem of NetOS 6.0. I’m also not sure, how to use the RpSetRealmLock() correctly. Currently I call this function, when I enter the login page, which is the start page of the certain realm. To lock other user using the same username/password I work with digest authentication. Is there anybody, who use this function without problems? Are there other techniques to get the same result (e.g. access 1 Client only or 1 connection only)? Thanks in advance Manfred

Hi there, I have exactly the same problem. Has there been a solution meanwhile? Would be glad to here.
Running Net OS 7.3 on ConnectCore 9p9215