AWS repeated security challenges when using digest authentication


I am having trouble with constant security challenges from AWS when using digest authentication. If I set up all realms to use only basic authentication, I don’t have this problem.

Each page is set up with one realm, and every realm is set using NAHttpSetRealmSecurity to use NA_HTTP_SECURITY_DIGEST_AUTHENTICATION. Realm1 allows multiple access and the other realms allow only single access.

The users are set up using NAsetSysAccess to have access to one or more realms.

Would it be better to go about it the other way, and have each web page be in one or more realms, and have each user have one realm?

Edited to add: I am using Net+OS 7.4.2, and it is fully updated.

OK, it looks like I had things backward. I expected that a page would be in a realm, and a user would have access to one or more realms.

It seems to work if I arrange it the other way, with each page in one or more realms, and each user with only one realm.