User login for the admin pages in Connect ME

I want to disable any management except for the web admin pages, but using a custom index.htm page.
I have the “Plug and Play” modules (the S series) with latest firmware, so I disable the login page and my page shows without login.
This is ok, but the admin pages (is very easy to guess home.htm) are available too for any user without login !!!
I was trying to enable telnet for such use and HORROR!! didn’t ask for user or password !!
There is any way to disable the user login ONLY for the custom pages ???
Another question:
As far as I know there is no ssh server in this modules, or I’m wrong on this ??

Thanks in advance !!

There is no SSH on the modules, you are correct.

Regarding the admin pages, if you customize the
home page, can’t you change the name of the home.htm
to something different, difficult to guess?


There is https from Digi. If you are looking for a command prompt SSH, I developed one. It took three months of sleepless nights, but it works. I have also have had to rewrite telnet, ssl, tftp, sntp, hostname, DNS, and several other protocols for the ME.

The lesson learned from this is: If you want custom stuff, redo it yourself. Since you are in Chile, I cannot sell you my code since it has encryption, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.



I believe Cristian has the IntKit, so you cannot
give him any code, because it does not apply to it…



Did I read right you have developed SSH for the ConnectME -C module? Is it available for sale ?



SSL 0.9.8d
SSH 3.7p1

We (my company) can do a license to use it in your code (dev kit only).

The main kudo is that you cannot use the prepackaged SSL Digi modules (https) with it since we replace the crippled Digi SSL with a full SSL. You can, of course, rewrite them using your own http code.

What is your application? Email me - my email is the same as my username on this forum and my domain is I can set up a demo if you are interested.