userblock_sample.c Does not work on RCM5700

I tried the userblock_sample.c on 2 different RCM5700 modules and it does not work. What is the reason for this ?

The wrtie ID block sample posted on the website is for older versions of Dynamic C. You should contact Tech support at and ask for a newer sample, be sure to mention what version of Dynamic C you are using.

Thanks, but they should also note that in the samples directory or DC 10.46
thats where i got the example at.

Can you tell me the name and folder that you foudn this in?


That sample works for me. What is the output displaying?

Saving… = 12 = 34
test_long = 5678
test_string = Hello!

Loading… = 0 = 0
test_long = 0
test_string = Not correct!

In your projrct options, cimpile options, what do you have checked for “Store program in” flash or ram???

Never mind, ram will not work with this sample. I believe you may have a hardware issue with your cores. I suggest you contact thr RMA department and return these two for evaluation.

ok… but these are 2 brand new RCM5700 kits.
I also orderd 4 spare RCM5700 modules all they all do the same.

Now that things are working thanks to your help. i want to be 100% clear on what location i am safe to write to since the documentation does not clarify it. If i use writeUserBlock(unsigned addr, void *source, unsigned numbytes) on a RCM5700 what is the safe address i am going to sue for the first parameter of this call ?

For the rest of you, this is an update for those that may in the same boat, Margaret has informed me of this:

IF you wish to use your userID block then and your board is before this date you will need to do this.

Try downloading the file for the 5700 on that page. The one I ordered needed to be updated. It is likely you have the same problem.

Nevermind. I didn’t realize there was a page 2. I was never able to find how much info was stored in the user block. Since there are no ADC calibration constants to store like on the 4000, I don’t imagine there’s much there. I picked to go 100 bytes above the starting location and haven’t run into any issues.

I still would like to either have Rabbit chime in on this and give me an exact location start to finish where i can place my data. -OR- a document that would describe these loactions for the RCM5700