Using Digi's XBee Java Library with Processing

I would like to use the XBee Java Library from Digi with Processing in a similar manner to Andrew Rapps library, however, the easiest way is with a jar file for the library which I can not seem to be able to find.

Can you tell where it is located, if there is one at all or if you plan on uploading one to the github page?

thanks for your help

I am not aware of any. The code is offered as Source code only and there is no support for it.

The release 1.0.1 of the XBee Java Library can be downloaded from the releases section of Github.

The file contains the precompiled jar file, xbjlib-1.0.1.jar, besides other resources (see the installing section of the library documentation).

You can find all the documentation at

Hope this helps.

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tleon thanks for the info. Figured why I did not see it. I cloned the library in Github and the xbjlib-1.0.1.jar file is not available if you just clone it. You have to actually down load the


Can everybody help me, how to install this “XBJL-1.0.1 Java library” into Processing… I use Processing 2.2.1.

I put the extracted file into Processing libraries folder in my Windows… But nothing happen…

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The library does not really install as a normal library as far as I can tell. What you have to do is to create a directory in your sketch folder and label it “code”. In the “code” directory put the XBJL-1.0.1.jar file as well as the slf4j-ap-1.7.7.jar and the slf4j-simple logger file. As a bit of warning you may have to install the RxTx processing library. Don’t think it is installed with Processing 2.2.1 anymore. I am using an earlier version so it still has it.

OK, I’ll download older processing IDE… What version of Processing are you using, 1.5.1??
How to install RxTx Processing library, copy rxtxSerial.dll into system32??

I am using 2.0b7. You can download it here:

I can’t run your Processing 2.0bj… Maybe I need download Processing 2.0 from Processing gitub…
FYI… I see your another post in this forum… Looks like you make project with XBee and Arduino… I succesfully send API packet from X-CTU into XBee Arduino, but I need program that send that packet automatically (use Processing)… I hope you can guide me how to use this library since this Library doesn’t come with documentation (Processing)… Can I contact you via email??

I have a couple of examples programs for reading packets from an arduino using the Xbee-arduino library which I modified to use API 1 mode instead of 2 since I am using the generic XBee messaging in the library. I will post the files to night to the forum if I can figure out how to attach files. If not I will just paste them into the comments. This should be enough to get you started. I did have to modify the examples to get it to work with processing but you will see that in the processing code - if not I will set up a github page with the examples to help. I am far from an expert - did a lot of trial and error. Got it sending 186 byte api packet reliably from the arduino to processing.

I uploaded the files to Github. Here is the link:

let me know how it works for you.