XBee Java Library

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new software library for Digi International’s XBee radio frequency (RF) modules.

The XBee Java Library is an easy-to-use API developed in Java that simplifies the development of applications that communicate using the popular XBee modules. The project includes the Java source code, unit tests for the library, and multiple examples that show how to use the available APIs and it is released as an Open Source project.
The project is hosted in github and the documentation is available online.

The main features of the library include:

• Support for ZigBee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh and Point-to-Multipoint XBee devices.
• Support for API and API escaped operating modes.
• Management of local (attached to the PC) and remote XBee device objects.
• Discovery of remote XBee devices associated with the same network as the local device.
• Configuration of local and remote XBee devices:

  • Configure common parameters with specific setters and getters.
    • Configure any other parameter with generic methods.
    • Execute AT commands.
    • Apply configuration changes.
    • Write configuration changes.
    • Reset the device.
      • Transmission of data to all the XBee devices on the network or to a specific device.
      • Reception of data from remote XBee devices:
    • Data polling.
    • Data reception callback.
      • Reception of network status changes related to the local XBee device.
      • IO lines management:
    • Configure IO lines.
    • Set IO line value.
    • Read IO line value.
    • Receive IO data samples from any remote XBee device on the network.