using external clock for uart on cc9p with net+os


my board runs with an external resonator of 29.4912 mhz. this frequency is is perfect for deviding uart-clocks for the standard baudrates (9600,19200…). for my application, i would need a baudrate of 250 kBaud. the uart-clock for this baudrate can not be devided exactly from the system clock.

my idea was to use the external pin gpio_a[3] as clock - source for the uart. my problem is, i can not find how to configurate this pin as uart-clock in the bsp. the only thing a found was the define “BSP_GPIO_MUX_SERIAL_EXTERNAL_RX_CLOCK_B” in the manual, but i have no idea how to assign the right input pin with this define.

any ideas ? another solution for my problem ?

thanks for help,


You can’t use an external clock to drive this module. You can, however, use the internal FIM UART to get 250k baud.