Using Geofence to Disable Wireless Radio on TX64

We use one of the wi-fi radios on our Digi routers to provide onboard wi-fi for passengers aboard our buses.

To cut down on the number of wireless radios overlapping in our bus barn, we like to disable the onboard wi-fi when the buses are on site.

In the past, with our older WR series routers, we’ve used a Python script which monitors for the availability of a specific SSID and enables or disables the appropriate wi-fi module accordingly.

As we’re now transitioning to the TX series DAL firmware, I got to looking at the geofencing capabilities and wondered if we could do something a bit more elegant utilizing that instead of constantly monitoring for an SSID to be in range.

But I’m completely new to scripting for Digi routers, so was wondering if there were any good resources or tutorials available, or if someone could just give me a point in the right direction. What we’d be looking to do is completely disable Wi-Fi 1 on entering a geofence, and then re-enable it on leaving the fence.

Thanks in Advance.


Here’s a resource that comes to mind:

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You would still need a python script to do this today. If you need assistance with writing this, you can contact Keep in mind, this is a paid service.