Using GlobalSat GPS receiver with DigiWR41

According to a few emails from support I should be able to use a GlobalSat BU-353S4 usb GPS receiver to get position data into a WR41 or WR21.

How can I go about doing this? I need to send a GGA string to a certain IP address every 10 seconds. Currently we are doing this through the serial port but it proves to be difficult in certain applications.

Thank You

To do this properly you would buy and install a 76000905 TransPort WR41/WR44 Expansion Card - GPS.

You would then just use the commands:
GPS 0 IPaddr1 x.x.x.x
GPS 0 IPport1 xxxx
GPS 0 nsecs1 x (time in seconds)

This is explained more in detail on page 356 of the user guide.

If you want to use a USB GPS then you would need to hope it has the right chipset (I think FTDI and one other). Plug that in to the WR41 and see what it enumerates on.

Make sure it is connected with a
and then find what asy ports have been allocated with an

Use this number for the
GPS 0 asy_add x
then give your GPS a start up string with
GPS 0 init_str xxxxxxxx
then start the GPS with
GPS 0 gpson on

Check you are seeing GPS messaging with

Now go back and issue the commands that were at the beginning.

If you want to drop the other messages and only send the GGA then just turn the others off.

Again I would highly suggest you just buy the official card. If you are using GPS then you are probably mobile so having a flimsy USB cable plugged in would potentially vibrate loose and cause you no end of fault finding fun.