How do I send GPS data from the WR44 GPS module over the serial port?

I was reviewing the GPS demo and the WR44 manual, and it seems there is functionality to send GPS data from the on-board GPS module to an IP address, or take serial data from an external GPS and use it within the WR44.

The WR44 data sheet says: “Send GPS via UDP/IP, TCP/IP (up to two destinations) or serial; Customize and/or send data using Python; GPS status query; Time source capable”

I have a data acquisition device that can only accept serial GPS data, and I’d like to make use of the GPS module we ordered on the WR44, per the claim on the data sheet.


on the WR44 with GPS if you have the serial interface on the router attached correctly to the acquisition device

in the web interface under configuration / position switch on “allow local monitoring”

this will then start to send NEMA string data to the serial port