Using RTS bit to allow multiple XBees communicate with one host Xbee


I have come across an issue which I am struggling to overcome.

I have 2 circuits with an Xbee and PIC16F886 on each for voltage monitoring and other ADC operations. I am using a PC application with an XBee attached to pull the data off each PIC in turn (or attempt to…).

Each PIC responds to unique commands i.e ‘XBee 1’ only responds to the numbers 0,1,2,3. ‘XBee 2’ only responds to 7,8,9. However it seems that which ever XBee transmits first returns the data wether there is some or not.

So it seems that the RTS bit on the XBee would help me with some of my problems. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to implement it, or any experience they can share with me?