Viewing Assembly Code in Dynamic C

I’m need to view the assembly code that is generated from an imbedded C statement in an assembly interrupt service routine (ISR). I know I can do this when I’m in the debugger but I currently don’t have the rabbit board at my location and I want to view the assembly without entering the debugger.

Does anyone know how to view the compiled assembly code without being in the debugger?

I found the answer myself.

from the menu bar select Options->Project Options
a project options window opens
select the Compiler Tab
check the box titled “Generate assembly list file for each compile”
Press OK to save the configuration

After you compile there will be a .lst file in the same directory as your source file. It might be in a different directory if you have a different configuration for output files. The .lst file contains the assembly listing with references to the .c file line numbers.

You may encounter a bug in the Project Options window. If you do not have a COM device you might get an error that says you must enter a com device. I plugged in my USB based serial port and used that com device. I had to exit the program and rerun Dynamic C before it would acknowledge the device was available. There is another option to specify a TCP/IP device but I didn’t try this one.