Is it possible to generate an assembly listing for a project?


Just wondering if anyone knows how to generate an assembly listing for the source files used in a Digi ESP / NET+OS 7.4.2 project?

It is something I normally do when using Microchip PIC and DC Rabbit compilers to ensure the C code I write is compiling the best possible assembly for the task in hand.

I tried adding the -S option (GNU option to stop after compile and create listing files) to the build options, but this fails when it gets to some object files?

In the Microchip PIC18 complier it is a post build operation, but I can’t find an equivalent for this tool.



yes it is possible…

go to
window -> show view -> disassembly

in Digi ESP… i am using Digi ESP 7.4.2

Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately that only disassembles a small portion of the code, and does not always include the source, and is only available while debugging, so no good for release code.

I have now discovered (while looking for something unrelated!) the objdump gnu command line tool.

In the Digi NET+OS 7.4 Build Environment navigate to the Debug directory and type

objdump -d -S image.elf > /cygdrive/c/path/filename.lst

-d just disassembles instructions
-S includes source if possible

This command will also work in the release directory, but you don’t get the source code mixed in, only the function names for each code block, I tried changing the linker options to keep all symbol information, but it seems this is ignored.

Hope this helps other people who would also like to get an assembly listing.