Problem with compiling project - first steps

I have got Digi Connect Wi-EM modules with dvelepers board.
I try to follow with “Get started with your 1st application”.
I have all hardware connected and I open C/C++ Digi ESP for NET+OS. Then I open File-> New->Net+OS Project.
(Project name: myproject, NET+OS Version: 7.2, Platform: Digi Connect Wi-EM, Debugger: Digi JTAG Link, Serial Port: COM1)
Then I click default and I have opened project.

I try to build project. Then it starts building, but when “Calling make for project myproject” appears, it lasts forever and can’t finish compiling - still 0%

Where is the problem. Is something wrong becouse I have other make.exe files on my disc?

Please Help