I am a beginner, help!!!

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I have a NET+OS 7.5, DIGI ESP and DIGI ME 9210. Were to start? How can I create a “Hello world” project :slight_smile: and load it to the device?

Where should I start?

Hello you can start with the Getting Started Guide on your Digi ESP environment. Go to Help, Welcome, and First Steps, this is where you will find your Getting Started Guide. There are example programs already available with Netos 7.5.

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This instructions are from the getting started guide, you can create your own project or just create a new sample project which are the examples already provided.

Use the NET+OS Project wizard to create your project. To open the wizard automatically, click the Click to perform cheat sheet button.
To create a NET+OS Project manually, from the menu, select File > New > NET+OS Project.
To ensure success in your first project you should accept the default values for all wizard fields unless instructed to do otherwise below.
Important: For more information on any page click the Help button.
In the wizard:

  1. On the first page, enter a project name. Then click Next.
  2. On the Network Configuration page, specify how your device connects to the network and then click Next.
  3. On the Services Selection page click Next to accept the default services.
  4. On the Additional Parameters page click Next to accept the default values.
  5. On the Review page click Finish to create the project.
    If the Click to perform button is not used, click Click when complete to advance to the next step.
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file->New->NET+OS Sample Project -> pick your platform->Select “Basic Sample” will give you a “Hello world” project to play with.

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