How to create new platform in NET+OS 7.4.2

Good evening.
Please help me.

I tried to create new platform from NS9210.
The difference with the Digi NS9210-NET-J board is only the following points.

#define BSP_GPIO_MUX_I2C


Then, work began according to “Creating a New Platform” in Programmers_Guide.pdf after having corrected these.
However, I lost the way in Step6.
In src/linkerscripts directory, there are neither nor Makefile.original.

I executed even Task1 on page 43 disregarding this problem.
However, the error occurred in the build.

What shall I do?

I would just use the Digi ESP Platform creation wizard, as that handles everything for you. (File -> New -> Other -> NET+OS Platform Project)

I’m sorry to be late.

I already used another processor for my project.
But, I tried to build BSP in GUI.
Then…It succeed!!
Thank you very much!!

Please collect “Programmers_Guide.pdf” !! > Digi