Problems creating a new platform on Net+OS 7.5

I am working on upgrading our product from Net+)S 6.3 to 7.5. My 7.5 tools are installed on a Windows 7 32bits machine.

As the first stage of developing on our own hardware, based on the NS9360_A dev board, I wanted to create a new platform - myplatform, with exactly the same h/w configuration as the original ns9360_a dev board, still using the dev board. So I copied the ns9360_a to a new ‘myplatform’ folder and changed the relevant Makefiles as instructed. When I tried to build the new platform, I got a compilation error:

‘Platform myplatform is not in the naPlatformCodeTable ID table’

I found ‘naPlatformCodeTable’ in /customize/platformCode.c and added a ‘myplatform’ entry to the table, but that didn’t change anything.

Also, I want to develop my app on the ESP IDE, but when I create a new project, I am asked for the underlying platform to develop on, and the only available platforms are the predefined Digi dev-boards. I found out that in order to add my own platform to the list, I must add folders under the \Digi\Digi ESP\ directories. But that is not a healthy way to work as these directories are not part of the configuration management, and they may be deleted/overwritten in a software upgrade. Any better solution?

There is no much sense in creating new platform in Netos 7.5 as when you are creating a new project all platform code is copied n to your project so you can change it without affectin the originating platform code. If however you insist on doing it because you have multiple projects based on the same platform and you do not want ot manually copy over the changes manually each time to a new project, than Netos 7.5 gives you this option by creating a new netos Platform Project. In DigiESP click File->New->Other , then expand Netos and Select Netos Platform Project. Follow the wizard to create a new platform.