NetOS 7.5: How to get ESP to use custom platform code when calling imagehdr?

Hello, I have created a custom platform based on the BSP for the NS9360_A. I have included a new entry in platformcode.c and platformcodes.h and the code itself is all functional. However, the ESP still puts NS9360_A as the board name into the make files resulting in the wrong board ID to be passed to imagehdr.exe. What to do / change? TIA, Roland

Have you updated Makefile.files in your new platform directory? Specifically the name of the included base platform directory (around line 80 in the file I looked at). That seems to be the only significant difference for me.

Hello and thanks,
Here’s how my makefile reads (in parts), vd_eth is the name of my new custom platform which has an entry in the platformcodes table.
Note that the _esp suffix must have been added automatically when the bsp was coppied from the netos75 directory into the project.

Include the base platform directory


Specify the base platform directory


Here’s what the digi esp generates as makefile and what I believe is wrong
I mark the line which looks suspicious to me
@echo ‘Building target: $@’
arm-elf-objcopy -Obinary image.elf image.uncompressed
??? $(NETOSDIR)/bin/imagehdr BOOT $(PROJPLATFORMDIR)/customize.ldr $(PROJPLATFORMDIR)/bsp_sys.h image.uncompressed ??? image.bin ns9360_a
$(NETOSDIR)/bin/checksize $(PROJPLATFORMDIR)/customize.ldr image.bin APP_MAX_SIZE_IN_FLASH
$(NETOSDIR)/bin/backupimage $(PROJPLATFORMDIR)/customize.ldr image.bin
@echo ‘Finished building: $@’

Why is ns9360_a passed to imagehdr instead of vd_eth
TIA, Roland