From Makefile to DigiESP

I’ve a Makefile Based Net+OS 7.4.2 based application for a board based on a NS7520, which does work fine. We have a special platform folder for our hardware based on the platform folder “ns7520_a”. Again, this is working fine.

I now try to port that Makefile Based application to DigiESP like it’s described in the Help.
At first I made a new Net+OS Platform Project based on our platform folder to let DigiESP know our new platform.
Then I made a Net+OS Sample project based on that platform and added our sources to the project.

I’m able to compile and link the application with DigiESP, BUT:
if I flash that application into our device, the application won’t run, and I have no clue why.

I also tried to build one of the sample applications (CLI) for our platform, but it won’t run, too.

Any hint?