NetOS 7.5 Flash Update: How to support a new platform?

there is a new feature “Update Flash” in the digi ESP to write to flash memory on DIGI core based boards. For the development boards there is a “flasher.elf” application burried somewhere in the Digi ESP program directory. This appears to be loaded to the target upon launch of this function. However, flash update fails for a new platform simply because there is no such .elf file.
I can not force this with another platform’s flasher because the CS values for my flash are platform specific. To avoid misunderstandings: Flashing from within the webserver application works perfectly i.e. the BSP is configured correctly. Is there source code for the internal flasher application available to compile it with the new BSP and drop the results into the flasher directory?

This question was asked a while ago. There are no provisions for adding a new platform to the supported platforms supported by the NET+OS 7.5 FLASH updater. The list of supported platforms included in the documentation are the only supported platforms.