ESP Update Flash Error 1,

First, is there documentation for the Update Flash feature in NET+OS 7.5 with ESP?

When I use this feature to flash the bootloader, rom.bin, it gets to “Flash process started: Getting target flash map…”, then it displays a message box “Error executing command Get flash memory layout. Received error 1”. Any ideals about how to fix this?


I’ve sometimes seen errors like this when the platform doesn’t perfectly match. like if you’re programming a ‘Digi Connect ME’ but the flasher is set for a ‘Digi Connect ME 9210’.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m trying to program a NS9750. It’s not clear to me what the Update Flash is trying to read when it says “Get flash memory layout.” I’m assuming the flash itself does not have to be part of the jtag chain, just the NS9750. Or is it trying to read some PC resident loader file or map? Any clues will be appreciated.