Download program in flash with JTAG and ESP


How can we download a built software to the flash in the device from ESP using JTAG?

We have our own hardware but uses ConnectCore 9P 9215 platform.

We tried and there were problem to communicate with target. Maybe it succeeded to erase since now we cannot access the devicve any longer thru ethernet.

When trying some more we now get the following error message.

“Error: image.bin image is not compatible with the connected target: - Connected target platform is Digi Connect Wi-EM - Image image.bin platform is ConnectCore 9P 9215”.

You can try recovery procedure by placing CC9P 9215 on Digi dev board and debug a “FTP Server Sample” project.
There you can update flash.

The error that you pasted here is weird. Make sure taht platform is proper