Image transfer via JTAG failed


I have attached a Connect Wi-ME 9210 on a dev board to the JTAG adapter “Digi JTAG Link” from SEGGER.
Unfortunately, the function “Update flash using JTAG Link debugger” (button in toolbar with burning chip and text “JTAG”) does not work at all. These are the steps I had made:

  • Select the correct image file and flash address
  • Option “Program and Verify”
  • Click “Start”
    The tool shows the following messages:
  • “Flash process started: Configuring debugger…”
  • “Flash process started: Launching flasher application…”
    Then the process stops with the following message box:
  • “Error reading commands buffer” - “Target detached”

What are the correct steps to flash a Connect Wi-ME module via JTAG?

Thanks for your help!
F. Kerkhoff

Did you set your uboot environment first to the following:

setenv bootcmd dboot linux jtag


You can find the step by step instructions for jtag under your DigiESP environment
Chapter 8.4.2 Transferring the systme through jtag