Why the Connect Wi-Me 9210 Digi EL can't enable Run using JTAG Link debugger

We bought a connect wi-me 9210 develop kit. We want to use the JTAG to run the hello sample code but it failed.
We insatlled the digi ESP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Then open the Digi ESP to create a hello sample follow the Building_Your_First_Application.pdf. But it looks still disable the icon of “Run using JTAG Link debugger”. I also checked the JTAG link with JLInkEXE and it can get 3.3V for the VTarget. I set the bootcmd dboot linux jtag as the Digi ESP help document.

  1. Connect Digi JTAG Link debugger USB cable to your development computer and the 20-pin flat cable to the ICE JTAG connector on the development board.
    2. Start the target and press a key to stop at the U-Boot monitor prompt.
    3. At the target, run the following command to make the target boot by default throught the JTAG:

    setenv bootcmd dboot linux jtag


  2. Go to DigiESP™, select the desired project and click on the Run using JTAG button.
    But it always display the chosen operation is not enable after press the icon of JTAG debugger.
    Could any one help to tell us how to configure the Digi ESP JTAG debugger? Thank you!
    Best Regards

booting or running via JTAG is not supported on any digi Embedded Linux platforms. You can only recover FLASH using JTAG on some modules.