JTAG link with Linux

Is there any information or howto on useing the DIGI JTAG LINK with Digi ESP in Linux?

The software can be found here:
Direct link to Linux Betta:

The idea behind it is fairly simple - GDB does not natively support JLink so the software will run a translation service that opens a TCP port on local machine to which it will accept a gdb connection. GDB will think that it is talking to a network debugger. So on top of your gdb script you will have something like this:
echo Setting up the environment for debugging gdb.

set complaints 1
set endian little

dir .
set prompt (ns9xxx)

listening for commands on this PC’s tcp port 2331

target remote localhost:2331
monitor speed auto

The rest of the script depends on the host CPU/module you are using…

Contents of it’s Readme:

Please make sure that you have installed libusb as this
is necessary for the J-Link to work via USB.

You can install it the following way for all apt-able
linux derivates:

apt-get -update
apt-get -install libusb

This will update the apt-get package resources and download and install
Please unplug and replug your J-Link after successful
libusb installation.

Running JLinkExe with standard user rights

In order to run JLinkExe with standard user rights you have to do the following:

  • Place the rule file “45-jlink.rules” provided with this J-Link software package
    at /etc/udev/rules.d/

  • Make sure that you are member of the group “plugdev”

  • If the group “plugdev” does not exist, you have to create it:
    Command line:
    groupadd plugdev // Creates new group “plugdev”
    usermod -a -G plugdev // Appends user to the group “plugdev”

  • Restart your system

New Digi Embedded Linux 5.7 and above should support Digi JTAG Link. There is also a Linux driver from the manufacturer of the JTAG-Link: SEGGER: