Using 2 JTAGS with 2 9P9215.

I am currently working with NETOS and two 9P9215 each one running a different program.

I have 2 JTags.

I would like to set them to be able to run the image on each board while both are connected to the same computer.

Is there a way to bound the 9p9215 boards to a specific JTAG or select the COM port of the JTAG?

I do not want to use 1 JTAG for each board and have to connect and disconnect it every time I want to test my program.


the way digiESP is communicating with JLINK JTAG debugger is that it:

  1. starts a network service on your Windows machine that by default listens to port 2331
    by running "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLinkARM_V408l\JLinkGDBServer.exe "

The documentation of this gdbserver shows how to change the default port. Se below *

  1. gdb debugger that is embedded in to DigiESP is connecting to what it beleives to be a network debuger with address localhost:2331

It’s defined in file C:
etos75\debugger_files\gdbcc9p9215_a.jlink :

listening for commands on this PC’s tcp port 2331

target remote localhost:2331

*3.6 Command line options
You can use command line configuration options to start the J-Link GDB Server with a
configuration file or set the listening port of the J-Link GDB Server.
The configuration file can be used as an alternative to the gdbinit file. All commands
listed in Supported remote commands on page 22 can be used.
Sample configuration file
// J-LINK GDB SERVER Configuration file
// Set the listening port of GDB Server to tcp port 2331
port 2331
// Set JTAG speed to 30 kHz
speed 30
// Set GDBServer to little endian
endian little
// Reset the chip to get to a known state.

So theoretically default port can be changed so one JTAG is on one TCP port and the second one is on a different port.

I am not sure if this is practical or can be done or will work. But should give you a pointer in the right direction.