JTAG Booster using Digi Connect ME 4Mb - Wrong flash identifier


I’m trying to upload flash contents to a PC, using JTAG Booster (along with an adaptor to a 14-pin slot, provided by the same manufacturer in the same box).

The result is that, with the configuration files provided in LxNETES CD for Digi Connect ME, it gives following error:

c: ools\jtag_digi_cme>jtagarm7 /r image.bin /lpt-base=378 /cfg=digimel.cfg

JTAGarm7 — JTAG utility for ARM7TDMI
Copyright (C) FS FORTH-SYSTEME GmbH, Breisach
Version 4.08 of 08/05/2004

Using LPT at I/O-Address 0378h
ECP port detected
JTAG-Booster detected

1 Device detected in JTAG chain
Device 0: IDCODE=3F0F0F0F ARM7TDMI, Revision 3
Sum of instruction register bits: 4
CPU position : 0
Instruction register offset : 0

Target already stopped at 00007084
Configuration loaded from file DIGIMEL.CFG
Target: NetSilicon NS7520, Little Endian with Digi Connect ME, 2003/12/12
GEN_SSR (0xFFB00004) = 291007BF
CPU is a NetSilicon NS7520-1
Target is Little Endian
Target switched to little endian mode
Last reset caused by Software Reset
SYSCLK=55.296MHz @ FXTAL=18.432MHz
Setting chip selects
CS0 at 0x00000000
CS1 at 0x02000000, use option /DEVICE-BASE=02000000 to activate CS1
CS2 at 0x04000000, use option /DEVICE-BASE=04000000 to activate CS2
CS3 at 0x06000000, use option /DEVICE-BASE=06000000 to activate CS3
CS4 at 0x08000000, use option /DEVICE-BASE=08000000 to activate CS4
Looking for a known flash device. Please wait…
Wrong Flash Identifier: 20005F22

Im using digimel.cfg file dated 2003.12.12, and JTAGARM7.OVL file of 106.24kb (don’t know how to get versioning info for that file). They were included in the CD’s for the Digi Connect ME development kit (along with JTAG tools for flashing the device).

Should I get a newer / different configuration file? If so, where could I get it?

Thanks in advance.-