How to develop for two platforms on one computer

If I’ve developed projects for the ConnectME that involved modifying the BSP and Bootloader, then I want to develop for another platform - say the Connect WiME or WiME 9210, the modifications I made in the NetOS file structure for the two platforms are incompatible. How should I procede? Make a copy of the entire NetOS folder and rename it and use that for the second platform’s bootloader?

are you using/building both platforms at the same time?
The chnges you made go beyond the platform folder?
if so yes you can install netos, copy c:
etos75 to c:
etos75_clean just in case, then clone ot twice, once to c:
etos75_CME and once to c:
etos75_9210. Then point correspoding projects in DigiESP (under project Properties–>Netos) to the appropriate Netos Tree. Now you can change those trees independently.

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I had started to do that, clone and rename the original NetOS folder. But the NetOS setting in the project’s properties was what I was missing. That’s why it didn’t work for me. Duh-huh.

But ultimately, it turns out I didn’t need to do that. I did make changes outside the platform folder. But upon closer inspection I discovered that:
a) Some were not really necessary and could be reverted back to the original.

  • or -
    b) The rest were actually compatible in both platforms.

So, problem solved.