Standard Make C++ Project - Error launching builder

Hi All,
I have some question about projects in DigiEsp.
I have two projects in my workspace. The first one was created as a NET+OS C++ Sample Project, than I added a lot of C++ files. So far so good everything compiles and runs well.

In the second step I created a project as Standard Make C++ Project and also added a lot of C++ files. After click “Build Project” I see the following at the console:

Error launching builder (make -k clean all )
(Exec error:Launching failed)

The Digi Help means:
Most probably, the build command (by default “make”) is not on your path. You can put it on your path and restart Eclipse.

OK, but what means “You can put it on your path”??
I work on windows xp and if I compile without DigiEsp a have to start a cygwin shell before call make. What I have to do with DigiEsp.

Sorry, but you see I am not familiar with all that stuff.


Hi again,
another question which may solve my problems mentioned before.
How can I realise, that my Standard Make C++ Project get compiled exactly like my NET+OS Project but without build an application. I only need the lib to link it into my main project. I want to do this because all the C++ files in my Standard Make Project are base classes and I want to use it in several projects.

I hope now its clear what my problem is.


See thread:,3008#9481