NET+OS Build automation (is it possible?)

Is it possible to build a Digi ESP (NET+OS) project in an automated fashion from our Jenkins server? I’ve noticed that the usual Eclipse command line parameters

(i.e. eclipsec -nosplash -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild -import “%WORKSPACE%\myproject” -cleanBuild all -data “%WORKSPACE%” --launcher.suppressErrors)

don’t seem to work with the Digi version of Eclipse.

I see that there is a “Digi 7.5 Build Environment” that launches a bash shell. But even then, several steps remain for building a Digi project such as:

  1. Run the Pbuilder to create web page code
  2. Invoke the same “automake” that Eclipse uses to create the make files (not sure how to do this part)
  3. Run “make” (hopefully everything will build right-- even the bsp area and bootloader)

I’d be interested in hearing from others who have done this. It seems almost easier at this point to drive the GUI from some kind of macro.

you can build a Netos project from command line, but not a DigiESP project. To give it a try use c:
aftpapp\32b folder to build that example.
use command
make PLATFORM=connectme9210
or change it to the correct platform you are using.
Obviously, you can create your project in a similar way.
not sure if you can automate pbuilder so.

I have done that with Digi’s examples and agree it does work. As far as the pbuilder, I guess we can make a policy to check in the generated C files. I wish there was a way to autocreate the make files though as is done in the DigiESP rebuild (separate ones for release and debug)

That’s the cool part about using the “headless” build option in more recent versions of Eclipse.

I put this on the back burner for a while, but finally got back to it. I found a solution that works for us by simply calling the pbuilder in a script first, rearranging resulting files, and then building the DigiESP generated makefile in release/makefile (using cygwin420/bin/make). You don’t need to use the “Digi 7.5 Build Environment” bash shell, a normal command prompt shell will work provided Digi and cygwin are in your path. This does mean checking the Eclipse generated “release/makefile” system into your VCS (we use SVN), but this is not a huge deal. If anyone needs it, I can post our script.