VMWare-2003 Windows Standard - License servers

I am looking at consolidation of license servers. Currently I have two AnywhereUSB devices and am using them one to one with autonomous instances of Windows 2003 Standard. Is there a product / device out there where I would be able to share one 4 port USB-Network device for four computers needing license dongles? IE: If I purchase 20 AnywhereUSB boxes it will be a management nightmare.

AUSB/14 or AUSB/5M is the solution.
The Multi-Host Connections feature allows multiple hosts to establish concurrent connections with the AnywhereUSB unit. Each host PC requests a single USB ports or group of USB ports.

Multiple host PCs can “take turns” connecting to the AnywhereUSB, however they cannot be connected to the AnywhereUSB simultaneously.

“Note, however, that multiple host PCs cannot “share” any of the same USB ports / USB devices.”

In general only one computer can connect to one USB port and/or multiple USB ports but, multiple computers cannot share a single USB port in AnywhereUSB.