Want not to operate an orphan scan of zigbee end device


I have some questions

I’m using one coordinator and 8 end-devices (Zigbee) for monitoring system.

When leaving work, I have to turn off the power of coordinator (it must be done because of safety).
Then, end-devices which use battery keep awake and scan their parent, so batteries are gone too fast.

  1. Is there any method to prevent Zigbee end-device which is loosing parent from waking up?
  2. Could I solve that problem in 802.15.4 Firmware?

If there is someone who can solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks.

AT Parameter (sleep) such as :

  • SP : C8 (2 sec)
  • SN : D2F0
  • SM : [4] Cyclic sleep
  • ST : 4E20 (20 sec)

For your network, it would be far better to switch to the 802.15.4 code on all of the modules.