XBee End Device constantly trying to associate with no Coordinator present and draining the limited power available.


What do I need to do to stop an End Device from constantly trying to associate with a Coordinator when there is no Coordinator present?

This constitutes a grossly unneeded power drain that the system in which the End Device is part of simply cannot afford. There will be periods in which the Coordinator is not powered that are unavoidable.

Can I extend the intervals (observed 6-10 seconds) at which the End Device attempts to associate to 5 minutes or more?

The End device is set to sleep for 1 minute and wake for 10ms. When the Coordinator is available the system works as intended and the End Device sleeps as configured, with minimal power draw.

Product family: XB24-ZB
Function Set: ZigBee End Device AT
Firmware version: 28A7

Thank you for reading.