End Device Hardware Resets necessary -

Hello all,
i have the RS-232 and USB development board with the XBee Pro module. My End Device has the firmware version 1241, my ccordinator has the firmware version 1020. The coordinator and the end device work fine, but the end device needs always a hardware reset (which is provided on the board) when power was down. This leads to my questions.
When there was a power down, the Associate LED (D5) of the end device will not start blinking, only when i hardware reset the end device, it starts blinking 2* per second (the red LED blinks as well), even if there is no coordinator! When i read the manual correct this should only happen when the Enddevice joins a network. When i then start the coordinator and ask the coordinator which nodes are connected, the end device is found immediatly – which leads me to the conclusion that there is no other coordinator in this area (of course by now i changed the PANID, so this is not default anymore). As long as the end device is not blinking two times per second i cannot put the end device in command mode.
Another behavior is that sometimes after a hardware reset, the LED is blinking two times per second – the green LED (Serial Data in) is on – the coordinator is on but is not sending, –another hardware reset is necessary so that the end device is working correct. The end device is operated by a microcontroller.

Can anybody explain these behaviors. Is there something I can do to change this.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Hi Andrea69,
maybe you can try to change sleep mode settings and see if this helps.
As you know end devices go periodically to sleep, this is the default behaviour. While the device is sleeping, you cannot enter command mode.
I don’t remember if your firmware supports this function, but you can try to set SM=5, this should awake the XBee when radio and serial activity is detected.

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