End Points fail to reconnect to coordinator after coordinator power cycle

Thread Body: To frame this…
Everything works fine when I power up the coordinator then end point devices. However if power is cycled on the Coordinator end point devices don’t send data to the coordinator again, ever. Power cycling the end point device will restore the connection.

Modules… XBee Pro S2B Type=XBP24BZ7 FW=2870 Fixed PAN ID, Limited channels, ZigBee Stack, Rejoin Policy=FF (always allow)

Endpoint devices are set to sleep mode 5 cycle sleep with pin wake.
256ms Before sleep, 2560ms sleep period.

Please help! What should I be doing… I have a microcontroller connected, but I assume the modules once configured will connect and pass data, and that they will handle power cycles on either end, at the coordinator or the end device. Am I wrong to expect this, how do a make the network recover after a power cycle on the Coordinator?