watchport bad links in index.html

we’ve just baught a usb temp sensor and we have a problem:

when the remote monitoring creates xml pages, in the index you find a bad url:

it works fine when I adjust it, but then i can never know which of the 10 links is the newest!


I e-mailed you a newer version of Watchport Manager that corrects the domain that was mistakenly left in there during testing.

To answer your question about the .xml files, the latest file (XML link) will have a timestamp next to it in the index.html page.

I too have the same problem reported in this post. How can obtain an updated version of the software to remedy this problem.


i didn’t get any email from you with an attachment. is it possible to send it to this email address:

thanks in advance!!


I just sent you another e-mail. Let me know if you don’t get it.

i still didn’t receive anything… :frowning:
do you have a link to the file?

thx in advance!


I’ll e-mail you an updated version of Watchport Manager shortly.