WatchportT does not detect

I have a watchportT installed on Server 2k3 sp2.
This stopped working after reboot. Now watchport manager keeps saying device off when I try to connect I get a “Device appears to be a ?” prompt.
Under edgeport Properties I see the watchport T sitting on port 1 com 3. Any ideas?
As well can this be run as a service as of yet?

Thanks in advance.

Does that computer have a modem on COM 3? Check Device Manager to determine this.

Yes, we have some other software that runs as a service. It’s in the beta phase now. Are you interested in trying it out? If so, make sure your e-mail address is filled in your profile and it’s public, then let me know and I can give you details.

Hi no there is no modem on Com3.
I have included my email in my profile please provide the beta I am interested in testing this.

Thank You,


I have changed my email in my profile please try to send to this one.


Do you have a different e-mail address? Yours is not accepting my .zip file attachment (the beta version).

OK, check your e-mail and please give us feedback.