Watchport/VE USB encoder

Could someone tell me if this device is compatible with Skype?


It should be. It uses our DirectShow driver, which is a common interface that Skype should support.

I can get a preview picture when setting it up in Skype, but when I click on webcam settings? it locks Skype right up. Skype also gives me an error message saying wrong format?

Apologies for the delay in my reply!

We are aware of the “locking up” issue. Our best suggestion, until this is potentially fixed, is to use our Watchport Viewer application to change the camera settings. Those settings should be saved in the registry, so that when you run Skype afterward (be sure to first close Watchport Viewer), it should use the same settings.

About the wrong format, my best guess is that it’s related to the color space / compression method, which is also accessible through the Watchport Viewer settings. Try other methods, i.e. RGB24, MJPG and I’m sure that at least one of them will work with Skype.