WCE and i.MX53, install WCE on a new module

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What is the procedure to install WCE on brand new i.MX53 modules?

I have the the “ConnectCore for i.MX53 JumpStart Kit for Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7” where I have access to the serial terminal and the SD card.

Refer http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=5425

Dowload Windows Compact 7 from http://ftp1.digi.com/support/developmentsoftware/40002748_F.iso and install it using the KEY that you have in your KIT.

Then follow the docs of creating a platform project and building images.

Once images are build put it in TFTP server

Connect serial port of module in 115200 baud to a terminal program and turn on module.

Interrupt normal uboot boot.

Execute flpart command to see whether partition is defined for windows compact 7 already, if not use flpart itself to repartition.

use update wce tftp command to update wce image.

make sure you have ipaddr, serverip and gatewayip set
#setenv ipaddr 10.x.x.x

also disable dhcp on uboot.
#setenv dhcp off

Now execute update wce tftp , this should take image from tftp and flash onto module

Now dboot wce flash

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