Websockets and AWS

I wondered whether anyone had looked at implementing WebSockets on Net+O/S under AWS. I’m guessing it would require the CGI-mode, if its possible at all.


A couple of things and I'll preface this by stating that all I know about WebSockets, I read in the past five minutes.

WebSockets are part of HTML5. NET+OS's web server (AWS) is based on HTML4.01. 

I do not find the term WebSocket in the code base meaning that in NET+OS's AWS implementation, tehre are no HTML headers for dealing with WebSockets.

In NET+OS if you start the web server, it opens a passive TCP port 80 socket, so all TCP port 80 messages will go to it.

If you set up a CGI page, all TCP port 80 messages still go though the web server before being passed to the user defined function have handling CGI pages. Mow I believe you can get the incomming headers when in CGI mode, but I believe you have no control over outgoing headers. I believe this would be an issue with communicating back to the client.

The only thing I could imagine would be that you’d have to not run the NET+OS web server and instead write your own
thread, sitting on TCP port 80 to act as the WebSocket web server.

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Much as I suspected, unfortunately - thankyou for confirming it.

I guess it might be time to look at embedded Linux, although I don’t think webSockets are directly supported there either.