Running AWS from ROM

HelloI can run the “nahttp_pb” sample application from ROM(FLASH) memory on the Netsilicon NET+50 Development board. That is it servers up the sample web pages ok. I am using NetOs 5.0 and GHS 3.5 When I run this application from ROM on our custom hardware (NET50 based) it runs but does not server up the web pages. e.g. “ping” and printf out a com port works ok. I have 2M Bytes of RAM - is this enough for AWS ? - link and map files look ok. What other factors affect the AWS ? does cache have effect ? Thank you Regards Michael

Check the appconf.h file of the rom image to make sure where it picks it’s IP address from Nvram or statically. I suspect it’s static one and you need to know that to browse to it.

The IP address is fixed in code. NVRAM is disabled. PING works ok. Thank you