Debug code in ROM

My software works well when I emulate it in RAM, but not when I download it in ROM. When I try to debug it from ROM like explained in the BSP porting guide step 8, I can see the assembly code but I can’t make it run. The following message appears : Download failed, error during write 0x2000000 - 0x2000043 debug server: download of “C:\SOFT\ewsa\app\base\rom” failed Couldn’t load program. It neither works with the evaluation board.

Have you checked out …

well, i’ve found it. it’s new at but that’s (nearly) the same as in the BSP porting guide… so no help to me - stef

It looks like you are trying to write to an invalid area of your memory. I would check the memory map one more time. Could it be you are trying to write to flash directly via the debugger?

Rom_Debug.doc isn’t available anymore (at least not on Is it suitable for NETOS60 with GHS IDE? Does it contain additional information to the BSP porting guide? Could anyone please upload the file for me?? Thanks, Stef