Where can I get some sample web pages and code that will read, display, update and save the ACE configuration structures in NVRAM?

Are you still looking for samples using AWS and ACE? I have some primitive code that demonstrates setting ACE parameters, saving them etc. The only use of the web server is actually to call this sample, but there are other samples of AWS with text boxes etc. that could serve the purpose. Those samples are included with NET+OS 6 so you probably already hav ethem. Alden

I am still fighting with those pages, so I would appreciate any additional ideas. I have a simple page set up with a form that should get the IP parameters from NVRAM, but it still shows only the values in appconf.h. It looks like all of the calls to read NVRAM fail to report that it has never been initialized but silently grab the default settings. I haven’t tried to write to NVRAM from that page because I still have some fields that won’t display correctly.

Here are the sources for modifying ACE configuration and a preliminary document. The material is under review and will change.