WEP 128 key slot change?

I need to be able to change the WEP key slot (key index) of which I should be able to select from 1-4 (or 0-3 on some devices) My clients’ network uses slot 2 for the WEP key and all indications are that unless my
TS W has the key in the same slot (second), i’m not getting in. Please help!

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This should be standard 802.11b right??

Yes, this is 802.11b compliant, and supports both 64 and 128-bit encryption. Here is a link to the data sheet for that product:


As for a WEP key index, we currently don’t support that but there is a change request in to have the feature added.

What I’d like you to do is become part of that change request, by calling into Technical Support at 952-912-3456 and giving us your contact info so we can create a case and track your request. When you call and the case is created, request that the support engineer attach your case to change request 13816. We’ll also need to know what kind of Access Point you’re using at that time.