What are "python programming tools" available with ZB Professional Dev Kit


I am starting off with the digi ZB platform. So pls bear with me. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if I actually need to play with the Professional development kit. I know that I am only going to use packaged devices, routers and gateways. I am not going to be dealing with modules and interface boards.

I was planning on buying an X2 ZB gateway, a ZB wall router and various ZB adapters for my R&D (moving onto a simple onsite deployment).

I noticed “Also includes Python programming tools for custom application development” on http://www.digi.com/products/model.jsp?lid=EN&pgid=160&pfid=177&mtid=3248&amtid=3248&pm=Y

Can someone confirm whether this is something that I will get only when I purchase the ZB Professional Dev Kit. I would rather save money and directly purchase stuff that I know (think?) I am going to need and download python stuff off the digi site.


There is nothing “python” on the CD which can’t be downloaded from our Support website.

Here are some links which might be of interest to you…

python.zip and Python Drivers for Digi Adapters:

Digi python mediawiki:

How to install and use the Embedded Kit Gateway Viewer demo app:

Python 2.4.3:


Thanks. We also guessed the same and have ordered a couple of adapters, router and an X2 gateway to play around with. Hopefully, the existing material and links provided will help us sail through.